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BurgerPrints Fulfillment is a supplier of goods from many markets including United States, Mexico, China, Vietnam. For each market and specific product line, we choose a suitable shipping company.

In the case that the tracking number indicates that the order has been successfully delivered, however, the customer stated that he/she has not yet received the goods, it happens for multiple reasons. The order may be delivered to the private house mailbox, the apartment building’s mailbox, the receptionist desk. The delivery may be placed in front of the door, the order may be requested by the customer to be kept at the post office, or the order may be returned to sender and many other reasons.

Sellers/customers need to check this information soon through the BurgerPrints team to determine the cause and specific solutions for each case.

Contact us by emailing us at sellers@burgerprints.com. In the email please show your order id or purchase email so we can assist you.

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