BurgerPrints Help Center

The SKU code is required for placing an order if you fulfill your orders by uploading the CSV file.

At BurgerPrints Fulfillment, you have multiple ways to create orders. In which, the most popular way is CSV fulfillment. We will provide you with instructions for placing an order this way and the SKU that identifies each product line.

Contact us by emailing us at sellers@burgerprints.com. In the email please show your order id or purchase email so we can assist you.

Yes, you can add more members to your existing BurgerPrints account to help you manage the fulfillment. To add a new user to your account, see more instructions here! Please note that emails of new users can only be added as a subaccount when it never has been used to create an account on BurgerPrints’ system before.


Yes, at the BurgerPrints fulfillment dashboard, you can completely change the order information when the order has not been paid. See more information here or contact us via email at sellers@burgerprints.com for assistance. In the email please show your order id or your BurgerPrints account email so we can assist you.

Yes, you can. Click at the campaign which you need to edit and follow the steps: Action -> Detail -> Save change

Of course, You can use your own mockup. The requirement for the size of the mockup is min 1000*1000px, max 5MB.

After the seller successfully purchased the domain, BurgerPrints needs time to review and activate the domain. When the domain has been already active, it takes time for our team to approve the content whether it is along with our policy or not. It often takes 30 min-01 hour (The maximum time to wait for approval is 24 hours).

When you sell on BurgerPrints platform, if you create promotion for your customer in your store then it may affect your profit.

Currently, BurgerPrints does not have a discount policy if you fulfill many products, but we will develop a Tier program for sellers in the near future.

If you want to fulfill BurgerPrints hoodies, we have printed hoodies and All-over print hoodies available.
With Printed unisex hoodies, we print on a Gildan Adult Heavy Blend base.
All-over print hoodies are made of high-quality fabric 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend. We also offer fleece zip hoodies with a premium polyester blend and garment-washed fleece lining that are ultra-soft and incredibly comfortable.

BurgerPrints offers an On-Demand fulfillment service with a large selection of clothing, accessories, bedding, and leather goods, for your eCommerce business. We strongly in All-over print apparel products like T-shirts, Hoodie, Zip Hoodie, Tank-top, Sweatshirt, … See our catalog here!

No, besides All-over print products we also offer many other products.

BurgerPrints offers a great place to sell top-notch All-over print products. We also provide an On-Demand fulfillment service with a large selection of clothing, accessories, bedding, and leather goods, for your eCommerce business.

  • Printed Apparel: T-shirt, Hoodie, Zip Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Long sleeve, Tank-top…
  • All-over print (Full print) Apparel: T-shirt, Bomber, Hoodie, Zip Hoodie, Fleece Zip Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tank-top, Legging, Jersey Shirt, Hawaii Shirt, Beach Short, …
  • Accessories: Tote Bag, Drawstring Backpack, Necklace, Facemask, Neck Gaiter, Power Bank, Sticker, Puzzle, Phonecase, Mug, Tumbler, Leather goods…
  • Decoration: Canvas, Poster, Wood print, Metal print, Ornament, …
  • Footwear: Shoes, Sock…
  • Home&Living: Flag, Round Wood Sign, Blanket, Bedding Set, Quilts, Mat, Rug, Table Runner, Pillow…

See more at our catalogue here!

BurgerPrints Fulfillment is a supplier of goods from many markets including United States, Mexico, China, Vietnam. For each market and specific product line, we choose a suitable shipping company.

In the case that the tracking number indicates that the order has been successfully delivered, however, the customer stated that he/she has not yet received the goods, it happens for multiple reasons. The order may be delivered to the private house mailbox, the apartment building’s mailbox, the receptionist desk. The delivery may be placed in front of the door, the order may be requested by the customer to be kept at the post office, or the order may be returned to sender and many other reasons.

Sellers/customers need to check this information soon through the BurgerPrints team to determine the cause and specific solutions for each case.

Contact us by emailing us at sellers@burgerprints.com. In the email please show your order id or purchase email so we can assist you.

Customers can see the tracking status at the link: https://burgerprints.com/track

Or if you sell on BurgerPrints custom domain, your customers can track their orders at the link: https://[your custom domain]/track

BurgerPrints operates multiple factories that manufacture different products, so it is inevitable that order comes from many places. Currently, BurgerPrints has operated the following factories:

– Product line made in the US: 2D, Mug, Poster

– Product line made in Mexico: 3D T-shirt, 3D Hoodie,…

– Product line made in China: Doormat, Flag,…

– Product lines made in Vietnam: Puzzle, Ornament,…

In addition to providing a comprehensive platform for Print on Demand sellers, BurgerPrints also provides sales support programs with Google, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest advertising platforms.

BurgerPrints will support advertising accounts and connect with expert team of Google, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest to support your eCommerce business.

BurgerPrints is an online platform that allows artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to create and sell custom-printed merchandise.

Launching a campaign on BurgerPrints is 100% free. And don’t worry, we have no minimums, so there’s no penalty if your campaigns don’t sell. Sellers can create campaigns and sell them directly on burgerprints.com or buy a custom domain with a management fee of $30/year and upload their products there.

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, you can withdraw your profit after 24 hours since the customer successfully paid for the order. But note that you only can withdraw a minimum of $50 each time, so make sure your Account Balance has more than $50 if you want to withdraw your profit.

When you place an order on BurgerPrints fulfillment, the information you provide to us including product information is correct. But during the operation, for some reason, the order has an error after receiving the goods, please handle this problem according to the following instructions:

Evidence requirements:
* Ordered shirt wrong size guide

– For a shirt with the size indicated on the tag different from the shirt ordered.
+ Photo of shirt tag (shipping label if available).
+ A clear photo of the entire shirt.

– With the shirt order, the customer claims that the shirt is tight and doesn’t match the size on the tag
+ Photo tag/shipping label.
+ A photo of a flat measuring tape measure, taken clearly from the top of the ruler (as shown in the image below).

* Application sent wrong shirt / wrong design
+ Photo of shirt tag (shipping label if available).
+ A clear photo of the entire shirt.

* T-shirt is torn, dirty, wrong thread,…
+ Photo tag/shipping label.
+ A clear photo of the entire shirt.
+ Photo clearly shows the error part.

* Note: with orders after receiving more than 14 days, they will be refused to process. On a case-by-case basis, BurgerPrints support may require additional information to process

Contact us by emailing us at sellers@burgerprints.com. In the email please show your order id or purchase email so we can assist you.

After making a purchase, your customers have 24 hours to cancel or change their order (size, color, quantity, shipping address). After this timeframe, your order will go into production and we will be unable to change it.

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, if your order is lost or a customer complains, your customer may receive a refund or BurgerPrints will remake the order if you meet the conditions in our Refund, Return & Exchange policy. Our Customer Support team will work with the customer to solve the problem.

  • Refund conditions

    Refund are handled on a case by case basis. Refund of your purchase is permitted ONLY when the goods delivered fall under the following criteria

    • The goods received are damaged
    • There are visible defects with the print
    • The item is the wrong size from the one ordered
    • The item is the wrong color from the one ordered
    • The item is the wrong design from the one ordered
    • The item is the wrong style (e.g long sleeve shirt instead of tee shirt) from the ordered
  • Refund procedure
    • If you are qualified for refund conditions, you can also ask for refund within 24 hours from the time your order has been recorded. The request can be made through our ticketing system, found here: Contact us, or by emailing us at support@burgerprints.com. In the ticket or email, please show your order id and attached clear picture proof so we can support you with it:

– Photo of the shipping label (if any)

– Product photo placed on the plane, front and backside

– Picture of the defective part

– The QR tag photo is stuck on the clear bag or product