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How can I manage my orders?

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On the page “Orders”, the user is provided with a dashboard that includes all orders created on the system, the user can filter orders by time, store, status, search by orders ID/REF …

Order date: Displays the date the order was initiated on the system.

Order ID: The order code is managed and generated by the BurgerPrints system, the Supporter will work with the user through this code. Each order has a unique code. One order ID can contain multiple products.

Reference order: Order codes are managed and synchronized by users from Shopify/Woocommerce/Etsy… or provided when creating orders on the system. Users can use this code to search on the Orders management interface or when exchanging information with Supporter. Note, the system will not record 2 REF codes on the same store, the same codes will warn when creating orders.

Store: The store is created by the user. Stores are a place to store order identifiers to manage your orders.

Customer: Customer Name and Email

Shipping method: The payment method of the order will be displayed here

Tracking ID: Tracking number for users to manage and track their orders on the home page of the delivery company, usually USPS, DHL, Asendia…

Status: Order status at the time of selection, including:

• Draft: Orders created on the system but with incomplete information will be assigned a Draft status for users to add information.

• Queued: Orders that have not been paid will be placed in the pending payment section. Sellers can choose to pay all (Pay all) or pay selected orders (Pay selected orders).

• Placed: Where to display successfully paid orders.

• In Review: Orders, before being accepted by the system, will go through a step of approving design information. If the design meets the requirements, the orders will be moved to the Placed tab and wait for fulfillment.

• Processed: Orders are being produced.

• Shipped: When the order starts to be shipped, the system will move the order to the shipped tab, where the user can check the tracking code of the orders.

• On hold: Orders are being held at the user’s request or pending cancellation request.

• Cancelled: users can cancel existing orders when the order is in the Placed state (within 2 hours after Placed). After clicking Cancel, the system will record the On Hold order, the order requested Cancel will be moved to Canceled when BurgerPrints refund basecoat is successful.

Order total: total basecost amount of the order

Action: features that allow users to open a new interface with selected orders and edit order information including: Order details and Shipping info for orders with Draft status; Allows editing and payment with orders in Queued status; Allows quick viewing of shipped and delivered orders.