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Where can I find the tracking information for my orders?

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You can find the tracking information/numbers for your orders here: https://seller.burgerprints.com/dropship/orders/tracking 

Tracking Management is the feature which allows sellers to receive information and filter tracking numbers easily and quickly.

The tracking number is automatically pushed to the system as a pre-transit tracking number. Tracking number will be available 01-03 days after the time of order payment, different per product, and will be updated right after finishing the processing period and moving to the shipping period.

The Tracking number is divided into 03 status which brings more details than All Order tab:

Pre-transit: corresponds to the Processing status in the All order tab. This is an Early tracking list that includes in-progress orders. Sellers can paste this list to the sales store. Please keep in mind that your POD order needs production time and tracking number is only updated when the route is entered the actual shipping line.

Transit: corresponds to the Shipped status in the All order tab. The order has been added to the actual shipping line and has been updated the route. You can visit the linked tracking link to see detailed information. 

Delivery: corresponds to the Shipped status in the All order tab. Delivered/Delivered Successful is the final status of an order.

Tracking Management is a second dashboard for Sellers to check their orders  in more detail.