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What is BurgerPrints Top-up wallet?

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‘Topup Wallet’ feature will solve many problems for sellers in selling and fulfilling on the BurgerPrints system. Let’s take a look at some notable points about this BurgerPrints ‘Topup Wallet’ feature.

The ‘Topup Wallet’ allows the seller to top-up a certain amount of money into BurgerPrints’ system to:

– Pay fulfillment dropshipping orders.

– Get direct refunds fast and at no cost.

– Those refunds can be used for the next fulfillments.

With this new feature, the seller does not need to wait a long time to receive the refund and also ensures fast payment for dropshipping orders.

The ‘Topup Wallet’ feature operates on a one-way straight, allowing the seller to top up and receive refunds to the wallet, and all the money in the wallet is only be used for fulfillment on the BurgerPrints system. can not withdraw to the seller’s existing payment methods.

If you need any more information, please contact us:

Live chat support in the seller dashboard here.

Fanpage message here.

Email: sellers@burgerprints.com