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Return or Reship

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In the event that an order is returned to one of the production facilities, the reason for the return will be evaluated and processed accordingly:

  • If the customer information you provide us is correct, we will ask you to confirm or provide additional information, then proceed to manufacture the replacement order to send to the customer. You acknowledge that the new order needs to be re-produced and shipped in the same amount of time as the original order. Make sure your clients are aware of this.
  • In case the customer does not provide the complete address or correct information, or the carrier cannot deliver the order (notified on the tracking details). The order will not be supported for reshipment due to the high cost of requesting a return, damage during the return process, and the long return time. Sellers should regularly check the tracking information and submit new orders on behalf of customers.

BurgerPrints does not accept return orders from customers, in the event of an error from BurgerPrints, we immediately produce a replacement order without accepting returns.