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Production time

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  • Printed Apparel and Mugs products (US, EU Center): 1-7 business days.
  • All-Over-Print Apparel (EU Center): 6-8 business days
  • All-Over-Print Apparel, Decoration, Accessories, Footwear (China Center): 5-10 business days
  • Leather, Puzzle products (VN Center): 1-5 business days
  • Posters (EU, US Center): 3-7 business days


  1. 90% of orders will finish production and be shipped within the time frame mentioned.
  2. During peak season or force majeure circumstances, production time may increase. Sellers will receive a notification from the system.
  3. This time frame applies to orders on BurgerPrints Fulfillment with standard orders – 01 order with 01 item. For orders with 02 items or more, processing time plus 01 business days.
  4. This time frame does not apply to orders using Design Support Services; these orders need to verify relevant information before production or shipping (address, design files, …)