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What if the order is lost in the mail?

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What if the order is lost in the mail? 

When you place an order on BurgerPrints fulfillment, it is confirmed that the information of product and customer address is correct. However, in the process of operation, for some reason, the order was lost due to our fault, here is how we handle your order:

An order is considered lost in the following cases:

– The order is not updated the route on the tracking number after around 21 working days from the last recent update. 

– Orders are not delivered after around 30 working days from the end of processing time.

– Orders are notified of lost during transportation due to force majeure events. 

Case 1: The order is requested to be remade by the seller: The order will be checked for lost reasons, we will ask you to provide the correct shipping information and proceed to produce a new replacement order with verified information. Thus, this order needs production time and shipping time respectively for a new order. Make this clear to your customers.

Case 2: The order is requested by the seller for a refund: the money will be returned to the seller’s B-wallet corresponding to the amount paid for the order. Processing time of refund is immediate upon request.

Contact us at sellers@burgerprints.com and show your order id or purchase email so we can assist you.