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How to set up payment method?

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BurgerPrints allows users to add their own payment methods to pay for orders directly and top-up their wallets.

To add a payment method, users do the following:

At the BurgerPrints fulfillment dashboard, please select Setting and click “Payment method”. Here, if you have never added any other payment method before, you will have Topup Wallet as the default payment method.

Users can add other payment methods by selecting the “Add payment method” button. The new interface window will allow users to link Account Payoneer or add Card (Credit, Debit, Prepaid, including virtual card PingPong, Payoneer) to pay for orders directly.


♦ Please select Primary with Topup Wallet method so that all other direct payment methods are displayed on the payment selection window.

♦ Paying with Payoneer Account will not incur transaction fees, this is support from Payo.

♦ Except for Payo accounts, bank transfer, and Paypal mass payment, all other payment methods deposit money into Wallet or pay directly, there is a 3% fee. Please understand that BurgerPrints does not collect this fee from the user, it is an expense that the bank handles.

Verify Card process:

After filling in your email, card number… in the popup that appears and clicking ‘add card’, your card will appear with the symbol ‘Pending’.

Here you need to Active the card, we will require you to upload some documents to proceed with card verification:
– Upload a photo of yourself holding your government-issued document (ID or Passport)
– Upload a photo of yourself holding the card.

Note: How to take a photo of yourself holding the document:
– Take the photo in a room with enough light
– Select the highest photo quality on the device you use to take the photo
– Hold up the document next to your face, like in the image below
– Make sure both your face and the document are clear on the photo — nothing on the document can be covered or censored
If your photo is not of high enough quality (sufficiently sharp and not blurry), we will request a better copy.


Once the verification is over, if successful, you can use that card to pay on BurgerPrints. If your card is rejected, you will not be able to use it on BurgerPrints’ system.