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When selling on BurgerPrints platform, if your order is lost or a customer complains, your customer may receive a refund or BurgerPrints will remake the order if you meet the conditions in our Refund, Return & Exchange policy. Our Customer Support team will work with the customer to solve the problem.

  • Refund conditions

    Refund are handled on a case by case basis. Refund of your purchase is permitted ONLY when the goods delivered fall under the following criteria

    • The goods received are damaged
    • There are visible defects with the print
    • The item is the wrong size from the one ordered
    • The item is the wrong color from the one ordered
    • The item is the wrong design from the one ordered
    • The item is the wrong style (e.g long sleeve shirt instead of tee shirt) from the ordered
  • Refund procedure
    • If you are qualified for refund conditions, you can also ask for refund within 24 hours from the time your order has been recorded. The request can be made through our ticketing system, found here: Contact us, or by emailing us at support@burgerprints.com. In the ticket or email, please show your order id and attached clear picture proof so we can support you with it:

– Photo of the shipping label (if any)

– Product photo placed on the plane, front and backside

– Picture of the defective part

– The QR tag photo is stuck on the clear bag or product


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