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Is it okay to not fill in the SKU code when fulfilling orders via CSV?

The SKU code is required for placing an order if you fulfill your orders by uploading the CSV file. At BurgerPrints Fulfillment, you have multiple ways to create orders. In which, the most popular way is CSV fulfillment. We will

Can I add members to my existing BurgerPrints account?

Yes, you can add more members to your existing BurgerPrints account to help you manage the fulfillment. To add a new user to your account, see more instructions here! Please note that emails of new users can only be added

Can I change the SKU code that was entered incorrectly when I created order?

Yes, at the BurgerPrints fulfillment dashboard, you can completely change the order information when the order has not been paid. See more information here or contact us via email at sellers@burgerprints.com for assistance. In the email please show your order