BurgerPrints Help Center

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, can I edit the launched campaign information?

Yes, you can. Click at the campaign which you need to edit and follow the steps: Action -> Detail -> Save change

Can I use my own mockup for a BurgerPrints campaign?

Of course, You can use your own mockup. The requirement for the size of the mockup is min 1000*1000px, max 5MB.

What happens when I buy a domain but can’t use it right away?

After the seller successfully purchased the domain, BurgerPrints needs time to review and activate the domain. When the domain has been already active, it takes time for our team to approve the content whether it is along with our policy

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, what factors will affect my profit?

When you sell on BurgerPrints platform, if you create promotion for your customer in your store then it may affect your profit.

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, is there a discount when fulfill multiple orders?

Currently, BurgerPrints does not have a discount policy if you fulfill many products, but we will develop a Tier program for sellers in the near future.