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Does BurgerPrints cost anything?

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BurgerPrints provides 2 main services for Sellers:

  • BurgerPrints platform with a fully integrated payment gateway and features to help merchants create the perfect POD store. To use the platform, there is no initialization fee (if you want to create a store on your own domain, it will cost you $ 30 to buy a domain). After an order is placed, BurgerPrints will take care of the customer and fulfill that order. We require a processing fee of 7% profit which is used to cover customer service costs, credit card processing fees, and fraud protection. Your profit is calculated according to the following formula: Profit = (Revenue – Basic Cost) * 93%.
  • BurgerPrints fulfillment allows you to fulfill orders from Shopify stores, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, … .and charges you no buck. You can sign up for an account and freely use our Mockup Generator. You will pay when a customer’s order is imported from your integrated store. The cost includes the products and their shipping fee. Most amazingly, the MOQ is zero.