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What are resolution, DPI, and print file size?

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– Art Quality should be at least 150DPI resolution with Printed Apparel, mugs, and 300DPI resolution with All-over print. The higher the DPI, the better the quality and the happier the customer.

– Art Dimensions:

♦ All-over print apparel:

• Normal uploading: 5500 pixels x 6500 pixels.

• Pattern uploading: 20999 pixels x 9990 pixels.

♦ Printed apparel: min 2100 pixels x 2400 pixels, max 4200 pixels x 4800 pixels.

♦ Blanket: 8000 pixels x 9700 pixels.

♦ Canvas: min 6,600 pixels x 3,300 pixels, 300DPI resolution at least.

For other products, please download product templates here.