BurgerPrints Help Center

What are the conditions to sell on BurgerPrints platform?

BurgerPrints is an online platform that allows artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to create and sell custom-printed merchandise. Launching a campaign on BurgerPrints is 100% free. And don’t worry, we have no minimums, so there’s no penalty if your campaigns don’t sell. Sellers can create campaigns and sell them directly

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, how soon can I withdraw my profit?

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, you can withdraw your profit after 24 hours since the customer successfully paid for the order. But note that you only can withdraw a minimum of $50 each time, so make sure your Account Balance

The process of collecting photo proofs to handle the error cases after the customer received the goods?

When you place an order on BurgerPrints fulfillment, the information you provide to us including product information is correct. But during the operation, for some reason, the order has an error after receiving the goods, please handle this problem according

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, how long can my customer cancel an order after payment?

After making a purchase, your customers have 24 hours to cancel or change their order (size, color, quantity, shipping address). After this timeframe, your order will go into production and we will be unable to change it.

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, what happens when my order is lost or customer complains?

When selling on BurgerPrints platform, if your order is lost or a customer complains, your customer may receive a refund or BurgerPrints will remake the order if you meet the conditions in our Refund, Return & Exchange policy. Our Customer