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What to do when the order has been delivered status when tracking but the customer reports that the goods have not been received?

BurgerPrints Fulfillment is a supplier of goods from many markets including United States, Mexico, China, Vietnam. For each market and specific product line, we choose a suitable shipping company. In the case that the tracking number indicates that the order

How can my customers check the status of their order?

Customers can see the tracking status at the link: https://burgerprints.com/track Or if you sell on BurgerPrints custom domain, your customers can track their orders at the link: https://[your custom domain]/track

Why do customers place an order with many products, but the products are not shipped together?

BurgerPrints operates multiple factories that manufacture different products, so it is inevitable that order comes from many places. Currently, BurgerPrints has operated the following factories: – Product line made in the US: 2D, Mug, Poster – Product line made in