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How can I fulfill from my Shopify store?

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Sellers selling on Shopify store can use BurgerPrints app to fulfill Print on Demand products.

How to connect BurgerPrints app for your Shopify Store?

1. Connect

♦ 1st Method:

Go to SPF => Store => Choose your Store => Log in 

In the left column of store screen => Click App => Visit the SPF app store

Search key word: BurgerPrints

Choose BurgerPrints: Prints-on-Demand

Then Add app

Choose Install app

The seller can then create a new BurgerPrints account or log in to an existing account.

♦ 2nd method: 

Go to: apps.shopify.com then find keyword BurgerPrints

=> Click Add app “Burgerprints: Print‑on‑Demand”

=>Sau khi Add BurgerPrints app, Seller sẽ được dẫn tới link: https://app.burgerprints.com/login

2. Log in

For Sellers who already have a BurgerPrints account, log in on the right side of the screen. If not, create a new BurgerPrints account on the left side.


By logging in with an existing account on BurgerPrints, the Payment Method information will be automatically synchronized without having to be added again.

Adding a new payment method will be similar to installing it on BurgerPrints.

♦ Sellers can create campaigns directly from the BurgerPrints app for their Shopify store.

♦ Sellers can create campaigns on BurgerPrints’ system and sync products to the Shopify store easily. This helps to take advantage of the automatic generation of mockups from BurgerPrints’ system and previous campaigns on BurgerPrints.

♦ Sellers can manage their Orders more easily, saving more fulfillment time right on the app.

♦ After placing an order in the store, the order will be automatically synced to BurgerPrints’ fulfill app (auto fulfill feature), Sellers can also set up the manual download of orders.

♦ The payment and cancellation of orders are the same as on the system of BurgerPrints.

♦ Especially, if the Seller has many Shopify stores, they can manage it together with one BurgerPrints app account. Very convenient for managing multiple stores at once without taking many complicated steps.

Add app now: http://bit.ly/BGShopify

If you have any questions, you can contact us through:

♦ Livechat support on seller dashboard here.

♦ Fanpage message support here.

♦ Email support: sellers@burgerprints.com

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