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How can I use the Quantity Discount?

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Quantity discount is a program to encourage customers to buy goods, the larger the quantity, the more discount. The offer is displayed on the product detail page. Offer valid on all store products.

To create a Quantity Discount, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click button “Create New”, choose “Buy more save more”

Step 2: Select the store to apply offer.

Step 3: Enter a title for the offer

Step 4: Enter the offer value (min value, max value)

Step 5: Choose a rule for calculating the offer: % or $.

Step 6: Add or delete rows to set up the offer.

Step 7: Choose the position where the offer is displayed on the product page.

Step 8: Choose “Save” to save and activate the offer. Or choose “Cancel” to cancel and delete the offer.