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How can I use the Bundle?

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Bundle is an incentive program where customers who buy items together will receive a discount. Items purchased together will display on the product detail page. Store and source display combo products according to the seller’s settings.

To create a Bundle, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click button “Create New”, and choose “Bundle”

Step 2: Select the store to apply offer.

Step 3: Enter a title for the offer

Step 4: Select Product Source (Same collection” or “Same tag”)

Step 5: Enter the Discount value percentage (% sale off on each product)

Step 6: Set up Product limit (The number of products shown buy together)

Step 7: Choose the position where the offer is displayed on the product page.

Step 8: Choose “Save” to save and activate the offer. Or choose “Cancel” to cancel and delete the offer.