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What is the priority principles if I want to set up all types of Smartsell for my store?

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Each order can apply only one smart-sell offer. If the user creates more than one smart-sell offer for their store, the priority of those offers to apply to the order will be as follows:

STTType Discount Priority
2Quantity discountMedium
3Suggest productLow


  • When applying one of the smart-sell offers, if the customer enters the promotion code and confirms the “apply” code and the code is valid, the system will replace the smart-sell offer with the entered promotion code, when the code is invalid, the promotion code will not be applied to keep the smart-sell offer intact.

When using a valid promotion code to checkout orders, customers can not return to smart-sell offers, if customers want to apply smart-sell offers, sellers please guide customers to create a new order.

  • The confirmed promotion code will replace the smart-sell offer.
  • Auto promotion code will be applied simultaneously with smart-sell offers.