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How can I add my brand?

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Following these steps to add your brand:

Step 1: Click Brand on the left-handed menubar of BurgerPrints Platform.

Step 2: Click Add Brand.

Step 3:

  • Insert your Brand Name.
  • Select Domain (for selling on platform with your own domain) or Store (for fulfill dropship)
  • Upload your brand logo with a minimum width of 1500px – 300DPI (3:2 aspect ratio).

Step 4:

  • Select Product Type.
  • Select elements in your ‘Brand’ package.

Specifically, sellers can choose one or more of the 5 elements of the ‘Brand’ package: stamping on the product, thank you letter, discount card, logo tag on the package, logo name on the shipping tag.

The system will let you edit the quantity of each element in the “Brand” package and the message on the thank you letter and the discount card. There will be a minimum quantity of each item here.

Step 5: Click Pay Now.