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What is Brand feature?

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Brand is a feature allowing merchants to easily create requirements for the branding of the products they sell. Specifically, if you are building a separate brand for your POD products, BurgerPrints will help you create those brand imprints on your products and packages.

This will help increase the exposure of your brand to each customer, increase professionalism, create a positive buying experience for customers and at the same time increase the ability of customers to buy again.

The feature is currently being applied to leather products.

Specifically with this feature, sellers can choose to:

  • Stamp the brand’s logo on the products. Note that the brand mark is a direct heat press mark on the product.
  • Add a thank you letter in the package. The seller can change the greeting on the card.
  • Add discount cards for your next purchase (these cards will contain a discount code that can be entered on the merchant’s store). The seller can customize the information about the discount (how much % or how much $), information about the discount code, the referral on the discount card.
  • Sticker with the seller’s brand logo is affixed on each product box.
  • Your brand name in the sender section of the product parcel’s shipping tag.